Currently In The Design World:

An acknowledged expert in cross-platform integrated Design disciplines, Dr. Akash Rose was Postgraduate External Examiner (New Media Design) to Govt. of India's Premier Institute of Design ( National Institute of Design - NID, Ahmedabad) in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 & 2016, and External Examiner Master of Design (M.Des.) in 2017. He is also Professor & Faculty Head at the International Design College, NICC Bangalore and Consulting Head at Lemondust Design Studios which specialises in innovative, state-of-the-art Retail & Interior Design.


Qualifications include: B.Sc Hons1; MBBS (AIIMS); FCCP; Fel.Applied Technology (Biophysics: Electronics in Physiology) and several Certifications in Digital Imaging (Accr:TSBEC,USA) & Photography (Accr:IACET,USA).He was also an NCERT Scholarship Invitee (Paper: Solar Energy). Dr. Rose was a Consultant Scientist, Govt. of India Projects and Member, Development Team, Committee on Science & Technology in Developing Countries. He is an acknowledged expert in cross-platform integrated Design disciplines.

Specialist Photography

As a specialist photographer and published writer, his work includes the 6-part Photo Techniques Teaching Series titled "The Art of Macro Photography" published in 1997, by BP, Tata Donnelley Ltd. and a further 3-part tutorial series titled "Macro Photography". The Institution he co-founded, NICC Bangalore, was selected by Canon India to be one of its prestigious Authorised Teaching Centres on the basis of Dr.Rose's connection with the College. He teaches advanced photography and holds workshops on commercial disciplines, particularly on Travel, Lifestyle and Product photography.